All sixteen strands of the Wales Wide Training Programme have been adapted due to the pandemic and have taken place on Zoom since April 2020. For further information please contact [email protected]. Many thanks!

In all of my interactions with Rubicon Dance and Wales Wide Training Programme their approach is filled with listening, kindness and a people first approach. I have found the organisation to be forward thinking and responsive and their community dance practitioners are friendly, open and keen to learn for themselves and their communities. In short they are a joy to work alongside and will be one of my "go to" Welsh organisations.

Tom Hobden, Artistic Director, UNIT

What is the Wales Wide Training Programme (WWTP)?

The WWTP creates and connects a network of 18 organisations and 260 individuals working together to support training and professional development for the community dance sector across Wales.

The WWTP was established in 2013 with seven community dance organisations as partners. At the start of 2020 there are 18 partners that include not only community dance organisations, but venues, universities and national companies from across Wales. These include Powys, Carmarthen, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Caernarfon, Monmouthshire, Ceredigion, Cardiff, Llanelli and Flintshire.

Research and consultation revealed strong demand for a training programme that responded to the strategic needs of the sector, shaped by the WWTP partners themselves. The WWTP has several strands which have developed and increased since WWTP was established in 2013.

Since 2013 WWTP has organised 28 CPD programmes, used 16 venues, worked with 91 speakers, with attendance figures reaching 724.

The WWTP is a life-line! Fabulous training which is relevant and always meets sector needs. Helps me to challenge and update my practice and provides excellent networking opportunities.

- Heidi Wilson, Senior Lecturer, Cardiff Metropolitan University

CPD day themes have included intergenerational programmes; dance for people in recovery from drug and alcohol addictions; dance for people living with Parkinson’s; mental health; education; dance and music in health; dementia; international community dance programmes; inclusive practice; youth dance and dance for older people.

The strands now include the following and all events take place across Wales -

  1. Three CPD training days per year that are followed by network meetings for participants so that everyone can feed into the shape of the programme.
  2. Three free spaces per CPD for freelancers to access training (sometimes an additional space will be sponsored by a WWTP partner).
  3. Community dance apprenticeship training programmes that follow the National Occupational Standards in Dance Leadership. Certification is signed off by People Dancing, with NOS being accepted by Creative and Cultural Skills Council UK.
  4. Mentor development programme for those supporting apprentices through their training programmes.
  5. Three Bursary Awards which build upon the interests of a practitioner following their time at CPD days.

Dance, Digital and Participation with Tom Hobden, Artistic Director, UNIT

"Another fantastic CPD opportunity this afternoon led by the brilliant Tom Hobden learning all about Dance, Digital and Participation as part of WWTP’s new “Skills Share” strand. The session was super fun, informative and has reassured us that we are delivering our sessions in the right way. With new ideas and tips picked up today we are so excited for our summer projects and cannot wait to start planning. Diolch Rubicon Dance and WWTP!"

"That was one of the best CPD sessions I have ever done. Ever. Thank you so much Tom."

"I thought Tom was amazing - probably one of the most helpful CPDs I have done because it was so relevant and he was so knowledgeable but made it all very human!"

What does the WWTP aim to achieve?

“To inspire and sustain community dance in Wales by providing training in a strategic way, responsive to sector need.”

The core activities of the WWTP focus on professional development support that will:

  • Increase access to high quality, up to date training;
  • Support specialist practice in areas identified as strategic priorities by the sector;
  • Meet demand for skilled dance leaders to bring community dance to a wider audience;
  • Cultivate best artistic practice and encourage innovation;
  • Reduce professional isolation.

The Wales Wide Training programme has proved invaluable to me as a community dance practitioner. It provides high quality and very relevant training and allows practitioners from all over Wales to connect and share best practice.  

Emily Pritchard, Lead Dance Tutor, Dance Blast, Monmouthshire

Through its activities, the WWTP aims to contribute to workforce development and enhanced community dance provision by:

  • Developing the skills of the profession in response to priority needs: introducing new ideas and skills into the sector;
  • Raising standards by providing CPD for existing dance professionals and apprenticeships for those new to the field;
  • Upskilling the workforce so they can develop new, creative areas of practice;
  • Enhancing employment opportunities and the quality of artistic work;
  • Enabling community dance organisations in Wales to develop new creative partnerships for greater impact, targeting and reach.

For more information on WWTP please contact Tracey Brown, Mentoring, Training, Development Leader at Rubicon [email protected] or call Rubicon on 02920 491477.