“Rhian has made dancing fun. She’s inspirational, thank you for helping me keep fit and making my brain work”

- Participant, Whitchurch over 50's

Two members ofRubicon

Rubicon run a range of session across Cardiff, Newport, and the Vale of Glamorgan for people aged 50 and over. These include seated and standing sessions exclusively for groups aged 50+ and 60+ in Llanrumney, Whitchurch, Penarth, Stow Park and The Riverfront. We also run a performance group for over 50's, as well as working in day centres and residential homes.

Despite each group having very different goals, all of our sessions in the Community Over 50's Programme draw upon the well documented benefits of regular physical activity. Improved heart and lung function, bone density, strength, and endurance are just some of the many positives of staying active. We focus on flexibility and mobility across all of our sessions to support participants in actions they would use for everyday living.

Our sessions also aim to contribute to the positive mental health of participants by boosting mood, confidence and self-esteem. The social aspect of Rubicon's 50+ and 60+ groups can help to reduce social isolation and in turn address stress, anxiety, low mood and loneliness. 

Diagram with descriptions of Rubicons 50+ and 60+ classes.

The uplifting sessions aim to engage the mind and provide the active support of peers. We create safe and welcoming environments which are easily accessible in
Diagram with descriptions of Rubicons 50+ and 60+ classes. The Riverfront Newport, NuWave: NuWave are Rubicon Dance’s Flagship over 50’s dance group and are one of Rubicon’s five performance-focussed groups, working towards high-profile local and natthe community and value the contributions of everyone. 
Sessions are sensitive to the various individual needs and abilities of the participants, but we also place an emphasis on developing a cohesive community group that is connected and proud to represent their community.

In care homes we are able to work with participants who are unable to get out into the local community to access external activities. Many of these participants are living with Dementia or other age related illnesses, and it is crucial that they have access to these bespoke sessions within their own local community and on a regular basis. 

Through the use of music and simple movements we aim to stimulate memory, enjoyment, and engagement with the community. Through re-establishing movement and social interaction we hope to remind participants that their bodies still work and that they are valued as people. 

All of our sessions are led by highly skilled dance practitioners who have an expertise in health work within community dance.

Diagram explaining the positive impact of Rubicons 50+ and 60+ classes.

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