Our GCSE in Dance aims to broaden students' knowledge of dance through technical and creative practical tasks, as well as the study of professional choreographic work. The two year course is taught once a week during after school hours and covers three main areas: performance; choreography; and dance appreciation.

Following the AQA framework, GCSE dance is learnt in the following ways:


Students have the opportunity to perform as a soloist and in a duet/trio. They will gain knowledge and understanding of the physical, technical, and expressive skills for performance alongside safe working practices.


Students learn how to respond creatively to an externally set stimulus in order to choreograph their own dance. Students learn the impact of aural settings on the mood and atmosphere of a piece of choreography and its relationship to theme/idea.

Dance Appreciation

Students learn to critically analyse and evaluate their own performance and choreographic work using appropriate terminology. Students also learn to critically appreciate six professional set works from the GCSE Dance Anthology. These are:

Artificial Things - Lucy Bennett
A Linha Curva - Itzik Galili
Infra - Wayne McGregor
Shadows - Christopher Bruce
Within Her Eyes - James Cousins
Emancipation of Expressionism - Kenrick H2O Sandy

For more information on the specification please click here.

As well as their weekly sessions, students will also have performance opportunities throughout the two years, both at Rubicon and in outside venues.

Our GCSE course is open to pupils in year 9 and above.

For more information please ring Rubicon on 02920 491477, or contact Janet Fieldsend and Lucy Lloyd, course leaders: [email protected] / [email protected] 

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