Our sessions in ballet are great for anyone who enjoys to dance. Find beauty in moving with classical symmetry and confident lines and shapes, all while having fun. All levels of ballet will consist of exercises at the barre, centre and jumps. Class will be accompanied by classical ballet music.

Beginners / Level 1

The level 1, beginner session focuses on basics of ballet and the foundations of safe, strong technique. You will learn how to coordinate sequences of movements in ascending difficulty and how to turn and jump safely.

Level 2

The level 2 session builds upon these foundations to further develop your technique with slightly more challenging sequences.

Level 3

At level 3, our most advanced session, skills are learnt through complex challenging exercises similar to those used by professional ballet performers. Class leads into sequences with expansive, bold moves, which will travel three-dimensionally through the space. This session is suitable for those who have a good level of experience. Pointe work will not be covered during this session.
For all ballet sessions please wear comfortable, soft clothes. Ballet shoes are preferable but not compulsory.