Amber Howells Fundraising Page

Amber Howells

To allow me to partake in the Rubicon Dance Alumni Intensive that would nurture my dance practice and professional development through offering me space and classes to create and train, whilst networking with other welsh dance artists.

Shakeera Ah mun

Shakeera Ahmun

Rubicon has helped to shape me into the dancer I am today, and for that, I am so grateful. They have always shown full dedication and support to their community and students and for that reason, they fully deserve the love and support right back to them. Every penny or pound really does count and is one step closer to their goal.

Chloe Davies Fundraiser

Chloe Davies

By donating to this page, you will be enabling me to participate in the Rubicon Dance Alumni Intensive. This is a great opportunity for me to network with other Welsh Dance Artists, work with renowned choreographers and assist me in getting myself back into the dance sector after 16 months.

45 Miles for Rubicon Dance

Lauren Williams

To celebrate our anniversary, Rubicon’s team and friends are walking, running, dancing 45 miles in 45 days for the 45 years of Rubicon! That’s right, we are moving 1 mile for each year that Rubicon has spent dancing, connecting and inspiring people.

45 Miles with Carlota and Norma

Carlota Nobrega

I'm walking 45 miles with my puppy Norma to celebrate 45 years of Rubicon Dance.

Tracey's walk around Caerphilly Castle (45 times)

Tracey Brown

To enable Rubicon to have an additional space which we have needed for many years.......bring on the Old Roath Library!

45 Miles with Rubicon's Staff and Board Members

Rubicon Dance

All Rubicon’s Staff and Board Members are walking 45 miles to celebrate 45 years of Rubicon Dance. If you would like to support them on this journey, please donate here.

Rubicon Dance sessions in the Noah's Ark Children's Hospital for Wales

Tracey Brown

Having set up this programme nine years ago and seeing how the children respond to the sessions even when they are very poorly makes fundraising for the sessions so completely worthwhile.