This year we celebrate 40 years of Rubicon Dance leading weekly sessions at Adamsdown Primary School with the first sessions being set up in 1983. In one of the early sessions a seven-year-old child participated who went on to become Rubicon's very first Community Dance Apprentice. Since 1983 we have worked with thousands of children at the school and love the link we have with our local school and would love to continue for at least another 40 years! Thanks to all dance practitioners, teachers and headteachers and pupils past and present who have contributed to this partnership. 

From Emma Thomas, current Headteacher of Adamsdown Primary School

Rubicon Dance has been an important part of our school for nearly 40 years, a partnership we are incredibly proud of. Through the regular dance sessions pupils have opportunities to learn, collaborate, reflect and most importantly enjoy dance led by the enthusiastic and caring staff from Rubicon
Rubicon’s sessions now form an important part of our enrichment provision as part of our All Wales Curriculum offer. This proves how flexible and supportive the teachers have been to adapt to the needs of our pupils as we make significant changes to our provision to reflect the four purposes of the new curriculum.