Since the Covid-19 outbreak, Rubicon has had to radically adapt to movsessions online. 

Fusion, the Welsh Government’s project to create more opportunities through culture, have supported us in our online pilot projects. They have provided funding which Participants enjoying our Gwanwyn Dance day 2019will enable us to run 72 new virtual zoom sessions for participants aged 55+These sessions will be split across 5 projects which have all been developed in response to COVID-19 and we estimate to reach 528 participants 

From thoutset of lockdownRubicon has kept in contact with all of its over 55 participants to provide a source of much needed social interaction and exercise. During this time, we offered support to our group members by setting up Zoom coffee chats and individual phone calls. After receiving feedback that members were now ready and confident to try out online dance sessions, Rubicon established a range of live Zoom pilots. The initial sessions have been going extremely well with some wonderful feedback and we are delighted to be able to extend this brand-new virtual package for our 55+ programme. 

The Projects: 

Stepping Stones  

Following our initial 8 week pilot, our virtual Stepping Stones sessions are tailored to accommodate participants of all physical abilities. The 3 different sessions – seated, seated to standing, and standing – offer choice for Rubicon participants to take part in an activity that suits their needs and allows room to progress through sessions. The Stepping Stones project aims to develop overall mental and physical wellbeing. Sessions focus on fall prevention by mobilising joints, increasing balance and co-ordination, and developing strength. Participants also work on cardiovascular fitness and sessions address issues such as inactivity and social isolation which have been heightened by the Coronavirus pandemic.  

"Brilliant classes... loved it. So good to be back. Feel much better in so many ways. Thank you all." - Linda, Stepping Stones standing session. 

 Care Homes 

Two people holding hands during a Rubicon Stroke Rehabilitation session.During lockdown, care homes have had to close to external visitors and unfortunately this meant Rubicon’s sessions also had to stop. Our partners are now eager to re-establish their Rubicon sessions to help care home residentsLive zoom sessions aim to provide some much-needed interactionsocialisation, and creative opportunities for participantsThe session is specifically aimed at people who have dementia to help develop mental and physical wellbeing in a fun, social environment. This is especially important after such a long period of isolation and limited group activities. The predominantly chair based session again focuses on fall preventionmobilising joints, muscle strength, and increasing balance and coordination. Rubicon dance leaders will work with small group bubbles of up to 6 participants at a time. 


Thank you again to Fusion Cardiff for helping us make these vital sessions possible.