As the COVID19 lockdown continues, we have asked our over 50's dancers to share their memories of Rubicon. Felicity, Eileen, Bronwen and Katie from our Penarth Pier 50+ group talk about why they decided to join a Rubicon session, what they enjoy about dancing, and the moments of laughter they have shared.

Felicity has had a connection with Rubicon for many years. Starting when her children joined Rubicon sessions some years ago, she has now joined the Penarth group and hasn't looked back since:

"My association with Rubicon goes back 40ish years when we used to take our children to a dance class offered by Rubicon at Cardiff University. The children continued to go when Rubicon moved to Ruby Street in Cardiff and I have a photo of my son (about 8 years old) dressed as Hiawatha in the Charles Street festival.

I moved to Penarth after my husband died to be nearer my adult children and when visiting the Pier I picked up the leaflet for the over 50's dance class. My fond memories of Rubicon, thinking about exercising more and enjoying dancing, I was interested to join the group. The group did not look too big and everyone looked as if they were enjoying themselves, so I joined in 2019. There are challenges of mind/body coordination but with humour we manage to learn new dance sequences and have fun."

Eileen has always loved dancing and comments on the value of dance in keeping her body mobile and brain active:

"I have always enjoyed dancing to good music and that hasn’t changed at all in my 60’s. I’ve been attending Rubicon’s over 50’s class for about 18 months and I hugely enjoy learning choreographed steps to various pop hits. Of course, it’s good for me; the movements encourage stretching, balance and mobility, and learning the sequences test our attention, memory and coordination. But best of all we just have a laugh. What’s not to like?"

Bronwen has been coming to Rubicon for just over a year. She enjoys how fun each session is and that they have enabled her to make new friends:

"I started coming to Rubicon Dance because it was at the Pavilion, a favourite venue of mine, and for the exercise. The time of the class suited me well too. I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes and the way you have taught as it has encouraged and helped me to develop my movement and coordination. You have made it so much fun too. It's a very friendly group. I knew some of the others before but I have made a number of new friends over the weeks. I have missed it a lot since the lockdown and have been very grateful for our weekly zoom to keep in touch; it stops me feeling lonely and isolated."

Katie decided to write an acrostic poem about the session, using dance leader Anwen's name as inspiration!



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New steps and dance sequences 

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