I have learnt loads of things at Rubicon, such as you can always be yourself no one will judge you. Also I learnt to be confident in what I am doing and never give up if it gets tough.
- Martha Crimmins, Rubicon Arts Award Student

Through Rubicon’s participation in the Arts Award (Trinity College, London) programme Martha Crimmins has been given the chance to be inspired and to grow her arts and leadership talents. This programme is creative, valuable and crucially, accessible. Martha has learning difficulties and was delighted to have the opportunity to join our Full time BTEC students on a personalised journey which has led to her developing more autonomy within her life as she plans for her future.

In 2018 Martha joined the students for 2 days a week in Contemporary, Improvisation, Street and Jazz dance classes. Her personal fitness levels improved as she took part in Yoga and Pilates sessions and she was able to contextualise her personal difficulties as she participated and supported learners in the regular sessions for Disabled Adults offered by Rubicon. She became part of the team and her confidence levels grew noticeably.

Attaining her Explore award was a high spot – Martha was presented with her certificate in front of a large audience at St David’s Hall Cardiff. The following year she chose to continue her programme and achieved her Bronze Award, which required her to lead a workshop she herself had planned. She is currently working towards her Silver Award which presents a real challenge and requires high levels of personal commitment and focus.

This Summer as part of that process Martha will create a short film to document her Rubicon journey and show what working with us has given her over the last two years. Who knows what her next step might be?