Movement to Music is a fun, interactive session run collaboratively by Rubicon, The Stroke Association and CAVUHB Arts Team. These sessions aim to explore how dance can support stroke survivors by enhancing mood, mobility and social interaction through shared creative activity. Alan joined our Movement to Music sessions during lockdown when we switched to virtual delivery for the first time ever! He has loved getting involved in sessions and seen great improvements in his confidence. Here’s Alan’s story:

“I suffered my stroke in 2018 whilst undergoing very necessary emergency open heart surgery. As a result, I spent 14 weeks in Hospital and was discharged home in a wheelchair and zimmer frames to help get me about the house. Extensive physiotherapy and occupational therapy helped my mobility and dexterity but I have been very reluctant to attempt anything that is energetic. This has changed dramatically thanks to Movement to Music.”

“After the first session, I felt physically exhausted but mentally stimulated and with each passing session this has become even more apparent. I have found a greater confidence, and dare I say ability, in many many tasks, some of which I have attempted for the first time e.g. shopping alone. I have even found myself moving to music whilst listening to the radio in the way that Anwen has shown us.”

“Movement to Music has become an important part of my recovery, so much so that I believe it to have been as equally important as my medication. Much has been made of the effect that the pandemic has had on people's mental health and wellbeing; Movement to Music has definitely improved mine!”

We are delighted to have Alan with us in Movement to Music. If you think you could benefit from coming along to a session or want to find out more about our work in stroke recovery, please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

You can read more about Alan here: