“Rhian has made dancing fun. She’s inspirational, thank you for helping me keep fit and making my brain work.” – Participant from Whitchurch 50+ session 

Rubicon offers two sessions for over 50's at Whitchurch community centre. The first session is completely seated, whilst the second session contains both seated and standing content.

Whitchurch Seated Session

A slow paced session which focuses on body awareness, improving mobility and increasing flexibility. We accomplish this through doing a range of exercises, some with and some without the use of a resistance band.

Whitchurch Standing Session

Beginning with seated movements to focus on coordination, body awareness, mobility and stamina, the session then progresses to a range of standing exercises behind the chair. These are repeated weekly to help improve balance, posture, flexibility and strength. The session ends with everybody learning fun, basic choreography where movement is constantly adapted to suit everybody who attends.

See our timetable for full details of locations and times!