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Before Rubicon, I was training as a gymnast but unfortunately had to recover from a training injury. Dance filled the void that gymnastics had left me, and I began going to street dance class on a Friday afternoon when I was 15. This is where I grew a passion and love for dance and decided I would like to explore more styles. 

My first experience at Rubicon was at a street dance class on a Friday afternoon. I then attended Rubicon Boys class. After that, I began to progress and joined Nubrico, a youth performance flagship group in Rubicon. This led to doing the full-time training course to gain a dance qualification. 

Fast forward to 2021, and I am back in Cardiff trying to find my dancing feet post-pandemic. After graduating from Trinity Laban with a First in Contemporary Dance, I came back to work with Rubicon as the Vocational Training Assistant for the full-time course. I am now a company member with Rubicon Dance Company. I will be playing the role of Fysil in "The Nutcracker", where I intend to develop my character by making him as diverse as possible. I want to continue focusing on trying to be myself and exploring all opportunities that may arise. Best believe I will be making the absolute most out of this exciting opportunity, come what may.

I intend to continue progressing my technique and performance skills with Rubicon Dance Company through touring and performing regularly. In addition, I wish to work with a vast range of choreographers. Finally, something I am passionate about is working with diverse people. This is something I want to bring into the dance sector and explore more.

Rehearsals for The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth

The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth

The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth