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Before discovering Rubicon, I was a 16-year-old who found it difficult to engage with education. I was failing most subjects and didn’t gain any real support or guidance throughout my time studying. My aim was to become a member of the Army; dance was never something that crossed my mind, but I knew I thrived in a creative and physical environment. I was yet to find my passion and aspiration in life.

My first experience with Rubicon was eye-opening. I was now in a world where creativity and passion was encouraged and not looked down on. Rubicon took a risk on me as I had never danced before. They trained me and gave me the education and support to believe I can achieve more in life and attain a promising future.

Currently, I am a professional member of Rubicon Dance Company. I am starting to achieve my career goals and am constantly aiming to improve each day. Also, I am an international dance teacher where I can share the expertise I have been taught and embraced over the years.

From someone who didn’t have a vision for a career in any sector to being surrounded by inspiring, educational, and dedicated individuals, I am now able to confidently be a strong individual who can inspire others through dance.

Through hard work and dedication, I am a London Studio Centre Graduate with a First Honours Degree. I am gratified to say I am pursuing my goals and excited for a promising future.

I intend to continue to work and dance for phenomenal artists and choreographers all around the world. I will expand my knowledge and achieve more every day. One goal is to have my own dance studio and classes to enable me to give something back to children who may be in a similar situation as my childhood and struggling with education.

The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth

The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth

The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth