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Before joining Rubicon Dance, I had just finished a 12-year career with Scottish Ballet, dancing internationally as a soloist of the company and becoming involved in all aspects of the wider dance ecology of Scotland. Having built a freelance Choreography & Filmmaking career alongside my stage performances, my works have been shown both at home and abroad and commissioned by organisations including the BBC, BBC Arts, Google Arts & Culture and more.

During the pandemic, I founded the #FundFreelanceDance crowdfunding initiative, set up to return freelance dance artists and their supporting artists and services back to their craft, back to the studio safely and get them back working on paid engagements. More recently, I produced the new live dance event concept, BALLET NIGHTS.

After meeting the Director of Rubicon Dance, Kathryn Williams, as part of my ongoing career progression, I was invited to meet the senior graduated dancers of Rubicon Dance at their summer intensive week and choreograph some new material on them. This was also an opportunity for the team at Rubicon and me to get to know each other and plan the roadmap for what a Rubicon Dance Company could do for dance in Wales and what it could look like.

I am currently the first Creative Director of Rubicon Dance Company and have created our first full length and uniquely welsh production of "The Nutcracker."

I finally have found the position within a creative setting in which I feel most comfortable, working with a group of dancers, each of whom has been with me from the beginning of this adventure and each of whom I believe in.

This is the beginning of something truly special for Wales, for dance and for audiences everywhere looking to see what dance means right now, how it is presented and how it is communicated in a way that can connect with our core human values. Together with Kathryn, I cannot wait to continue planning a bright future for Rubicon Dance Company.