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Before I found Rubicon I began my journey with dance by spending many years studying Russian Ballet whilst attending some modern jazz classes to expand my horizons. 

My first experience was with the Nubrico classes led by Tracey which were so inspiring. Allowing to explore creative and improvisational elements really showed me that Contemporary Dance was my calling. 

I am now a member of the @RubiconDance professional dance company - @RubiconDanceCompany. When I have time to focus on my own creative exploration, I either spend time as a self-taught filmmaker and as a choreographer.  I also practice art of various styles but mainly abstract, which further fuels my own dance creation. 

During the pandemic and while still in my third year of university, I really came to understand that being a dancer is who I am. It is my tribe, filled with fantastic individuals who artistically feed and nurture each other.  

That’s a big question for which I am excited to see answers with time and patience. These next six months with Rubicon will be amazing and during that time I intend to keep honing my skills and share my Artistic process as a Creative Explorer, finding out who else shares my personal interests and values.

Rehearsals for The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth

The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth

Rehearsals for The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth