This is an important year for Rubicon as it's our 45th anniversary and also for me it is a milestone year as in September 2021 I will have worked at Rubicon for 25 years which I cannot believe (I am far too young!) I feel I need to do my bit to raise a few pounds for the Old Roath Library Campaign so as I live in Caerphilly I thought I would walk around Caerphilly Castle 45 times! This isn't a massive challenge but it is for me as I have been a little static through COVID and whilst working from home. The castle is Europe's oldest and largest (I think) and it takes me twenty minutes to walk right around it starting at the drawbridge and ending back in the same place. It's about 2,000 steps and I will do this each day from September 1st until I have walked it 45 times. I am not doing what my niece suggested and walking around the castle 45 times in one day!!! I aim to raise £70 - adding Rubicon's 45 years and my 25 years at Rubicon together so not a huge amount but it's more about getting my legs working again!!! please enable me to reach my target - thank you! PS It's also my birthday in September and I will be walking on my actual birthday (24th) so instead of a card/present you could donate to my fundraiser instead!! Thank you all so much!

Tracey Brown