Hey! My name is Katie and I am a dance graduate of 2020. As you know already know covid has effected a lot of industries, one of them being the arts. Being a dance graduate of 2020 has really taken an effect on my training in my last year of my studies. Not having access to a studio, less classes than usual, no performance opportunities and much more. Leaving the year of 2020 graduates at the loss.

In till now! Rubicon has set up an amazing intensive program to help those who lost what they lacked in the lockdowns of 2020/2021. Giving artist like myself the chance to take back the control of their development and help bring back the arts.

Having covid effect the dance industry lead me to become a teacher to give the younger generation the opportunity to explore movement in a creative way. Thinking about kids being stuck at home and not being able to explore that aspect made me realise I should share my knowledge that I've learnt over the years. However, I feel I can learn more from this amazing intensive that Rubicon has to offering which then I can pass on to my students.

To be able to take part in this intensive comes at a cost of £200. Being in many lockdowns caused funds to be a bit tight and I would really appreciate if you could offer anything even as little as £1 will help.

Thank you so much for reading!

Katie Whitcombe