A young dancer performing with Rubicons ballet group.

Ballet 5-7 years (beginners Level 1 and 2)

Ballet at Rubicon is a weekly class that is full of fun and enjoyment. The basics of ballet technique are taught in a fun and engaging way which captures the children's imaginations through stories and mime. The class focuses on developing a sense of rhythm and most importantly a love for ballet whilst building technical skills, creativity and confidence. The class is perfect for your little ballerina who won't stop twirling and dancing around in your living room!  

Ballet 8-12 years

Ballet for 8-12 year olds at Rubicon is the next step after our younger ballet class, however newcomers are always welcome even if you have no previous ballet experience. There is a strong emphasis in the class on building technique and working on posture and alignment to ensure a safe working environment is achieved. The class is structured so that physical skills, creativity, expression and musicality are all explored and developed by each dancer whilst creating a fun and friendly atmosphere.   

Open Ballet 

Develop your ballet technique in our friendly open class. No experience required! Our open ballet class is perfect for all young people 13+ who enjoy moving and dancing. The session focuses on developing dance techniques, strength and flexibility while having fun. 

This class will develop dancers’ self-discipline, coordination, body and spatial awareness and increase their ability to concentrate. 

Please wear soft, comfortable clothing. No ballet shoes are required to start.