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Before coming into contact with Rubicon, I was in 6th form studying dance, performing arts & theatre.  

Knowing I wanted a dance career but not feeling ready to move away from home to study at degree level, I decided to audition for the full-time course at Rubicon. This was the best decision I made. The level of training, versatility and support given during my two years at Rubicon fully prepared me to further my education and training. Fortunately, I gained a place at London Studio Centre to specialise in contemporary dance for three years before graduating with a First-Class Honours in July 2020. I will always be grateful to Rubicon for encouraging me and giving me the knowledge I needed. 

Rehearsals for The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth

I'm currently working with a brand-new professional dance company, 'Rubicon Dance Company'. I am so excited to finally be working in the industry with the most incredible choreographers and artists. It's refreshing to be surrounded by positive energy daily. 

I have recently qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer. I intend to use this to enhance my dancing as well as training and motivate clients to feel better about themselves. 

The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth

My mindset. During the global pandemic, with our industry on hold, I started to question if I wanted a dance career, was it for me? I lost all motivation and confidence in my dancing. That was until Rubicon offered a free intensive dance week, taking classes and working with choreographers daily. This was my first-time dancing properly in a studio with other artists since 2020. During this week I realised that actually a dance career is for me, and it is what I really wanted. 

I'm hoping to spend the next few months or even years performing with Rubicon Dance Company. I hope to continue to collaborate with other artists and have the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers. I aspire to continue working in a company setting. 

The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth