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Before I first came into contact with Rubicon, I was working in the Covid-19 vaccine centres after losing my previous dancing job due to the pandemic and had all but given up on pursuing my dancing career.

My first experience with Rubicon was when I auditioned for the company. Spending just half a day there, it was the first time I had been in a dance studio in a while, and I instantly got a sense of what an inspiring and creative atmosphere they have created.

I am now continuing my long-term goal and passion of working as a professional dancer, feeling re-enthused and invigorated after time away from dance. 

Up until the pandemic, I had only ever worked in very classical ballet productions. This is an exciting opportunity to expand my dance horizons, working in various styles of dance and with amazing choreographers. 

I want to continue to pursue my passion for dance and push myself to continue to learn and explore further as a dance artist.

Rehearsals for The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth 

The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth

The Nutcracker © Sian Trenberth