In 2012 Rubicon approached the Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales with a vision to provide dance sessions for children in hospital. We believed that dance could provide a welcome alternative for children who were undergoing long-term treatment or physiotherapy and enable them to experience activities that replicated life outside the hospital.

Since then we have delivered 980 sessions at the Children's Hospital for 1800 participants aged between 6 weeks and 15 years. Dance sessions are a fun activity for children and each one is tailored specifically for individual or small group needs. Dance can take their mind off their worries and reduce the emotional distress experienced before or after treatment. 

“I truly consider Sharon and Tracey, [dance leaders] from Rubicon to be a part of our Multi-Disciplinary Team. I consider the service they deliver to be part of a child’s ‘medicine’. They are skilled people who use Music and Movement to lighten the child’s day and distract them from the effects of hospitalization."

- Sue Simpson, Senior Play Specialist, Noah's Ark Children's Hospital for Wales

Working with the hospital's Play Specialists, we are able to incorporate specific movements into sessions which can help children in their physiotherapy. We can also include educational play for long term patients who are unable to go to school. Most importantly, a Rubicon session gives patients choices where many of their choices have been taken away whilst hospitalised.

We are continually raising money to support our work at Noah's Ark Children's Hospital for Wales and are extremely grateful for any donations received. Please donate today to help us bring the joy of dance to children in the Noah's Ark Children's Hospital for Wales.