Photo - Sharon Teear (Tieredarts) created in a workshop with Rubicon Dancers.

Rubicon currently works with the Cardiff and Vale Health Board in partnership with The Arts Team and Cardiff and Vale Health Charity to deliver dance sessions for adults across a range of hospital settings.

Our sessions include:

  • Dance at the Stroke Rehabilitation Centre - University Hospital Llandough

Read about our 'Movement for Stroke Rehabilitation' sessions

  • Dance for patients living with dementia, anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts - Mental Health Services For Older People (MHSOP) Community Services at University Hospital Llandough

  • Dance for patients on Elder Care wards - Mental Health Matters Team, St David's Hospital

Diagram explaining Rubicon sessions at the Stroke Rehabilitation Centre, University Hospital Llandough.

Diagram explaining Rubicon sessions at the Daffodils Unit, University Hospital Llandough.

The sessions are extremely well valued and supported by the Cardiff and Vale Health board. They offer patients the opportunity to engage in creative activities that can enhance their patient experience, and are unique and adaptable to the hospital surroundings, as well as patient and staff needs on a week to week basis. Sessions are led by our highly skilled dance leaders who have a wealth of experience working in health-based settings.  

The sessions provide a positive distraction for patients by relieving boredom, uplifting mood, and reducing social isolation. Visiting family members are also welcomed to join the session, giving both the patient and their family an opportunity to spend time together in an alternative way. These positive factors are combined with creativity and fun to engage participants in increased activity and movement which contributes to their overall physical and mental wellbeing.