WWTP Dance for Parkinson’s focus

Tuesday June 7th 1.30-2.30pm on Zoom

A talk by Sophie Lorimer, Rubicon’s current Community Dance Apprentice and her mum Jules King who lives with Early Onset Parkinson’s

From Sophie….

While studying towards my degree in Dance and Choreography, my mum finally got the diagnoses we had been waiting over 10 years for - she had Early Onset Parkinson's. This diagnoses mainly came a relief, it offered an explanation to the symptoms she'd been suffering since she was 19 years old and a roadmap as to what we could do to increase her quality of life. Being in the dance world this led me to become aware of Dance for Parkinson's as a practice. Things snowballed and all of a sudden I had written an entire dissertation on the Proposition of Dance for Early Onset Parkinson's.

During the talk Sophie will be sharing some of the key points of her dissertation, and her mum will also talk a little about how her Parkinson's affects her day to day life, and how dance and exercise has alleviated her symptoms.


For more information about this talk please contact [email protected]