Although we cannot invite our dance enthusiasts, participants, friends, and families to witness our summer show we aim to stream the production into the comfort of your own home this summer, Friday 25th June 2021. 

Email [email protected] to request the zoom link and reserve your zoom seat now to witness the show and please indicate your performance preference matinee 2pm / evening 7pm. 

As we move into our third term of the current academic year the continuing disruption to dance training poses daily challenges and restrictions for teachers and learners.  Despite the challenges during this Covid crisis, we have been determined to create a summer show of dance that celebrates our creativity and achievements, as we look forward to better times.  Come and support the ‘Arts’ in Wales and keep the dream alive! The show is the culmination of teachers and student’s hard work and aspiration to inspire and connect.  This dance event brings a collection of uniquely devised and restaged repertory dance works to life. 

Megan Clash will perform her personal and intimate solo – I, expressing the struggles and challenges of living with dyslexia. Her dynamic and emotive dance builds with intensity, drama, and defiance to overcome.  Tara Coombes is exploring the restaging of the iconic cygnet’s dance from Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake and explores the contrast from tranquil elegance to quirky and energic swans.  Sabrina Steele- student teacher on placement at Rubicon is staging an excerpt from the memorable jazz production and musical - Cabaret.  We are also rolling the cameras on location to bring you our version of La La Land, which tells the story of two struggling artists Mia and Sebastian, who at a chance encounter, meet and fall in love.  How will it end?

Sian Rowlands will premiere her piece – Sleep Perchance to Dream, working in collaboration with the first years and based on the timeless classic Sleeping Beauty.  This production should have premiered last year (summer 2020) but at the commencement of the initial rehearsal process, the UK moved into its first lockdown and hence the work could not be realised.  Aiming to get back on track this year, Sian explores the science of sleep, distorting the theme of sleep in the classic story.  Pillows at the ready, immerse yourself into a world of sleep captivated by echoes of Tchaikovsky’s ballet score and the undulating over-tones of modern music.

Janet Fieldsend is collaborating with the second years and some first years on a piece entitled – Along the Path: Through the Hedge, inspired by the inspirational work of Andy Goldsworthy - To take the comfortable route or the challenging journey? The fragile balance, the falls, the injuries, the scars and the healing. ‘Along the Path: Through the Hedge’ explores themes of struggle and resilience taking inspiration from Andy Goldsworthy’s film ‘Leaning into the Wind’,

Finally, all the students are working with Paul Davies, Head of Vocational Training to create an original work entitled – Something Familiar, with music by Tom Jones.  The dancers meander through an improvised work bringing to life such classic hits as Delilah; Green Green Grass of Home and Funny Familiar Forgotten and more.  The dance is a bow to the 60s; but in the passing of six decades, bends to a changing circumstance we now face in society, and how we long for something familiar. 

Share in the delights of our young dancers as they forge their new careers in dance.  A show not to be missed! 

You can reserve access to this show by requesting the zoom link, prior to the event.  We then invite audience members once registered to donate to our current fundraising campaign – Brick in the Wall, follow this link! Rubicon is raising funds for the development of Roath Library into new dance studios for the community.

Come and join us as we journey through a thought-provoking, rich and dynamic story of dance and emotion.  Our studio here in Nora Street will be transformed into an intimate and dynamic performance space with a visual array of colour and lighting to enhance the experience for our performers and audiences. 

Bring a glass of wine, a refreshing beer, popcorn and sit back relax and enjoy!

Booking for this event has now closed.