This is an active weekly session where the group decides what kind of dance they would like to focus on. This could be the style, music choice, or speed. Over a number of weeks, the group will learn their choreography, before moving onto a new dance. A fun and supportive session where all abilities are welcome.

"I have always enjoyed dancing to good music and that hasn’t changed at all in my 60’s. I’ve been attending Rubicon’s over 50’s class for about 18 months and hugely enjoy learning choreographed steps to various pop hits. Of course, it’s good for me; the movements encourage stretching, balance and mobility, and learning the sequences test our attention, memory and coordination. But best of all we just have a laugh. What’s not to like?"  - Eileen Griffiths, Dancer, Penarth Pier Pavillion 50+ Dance Group 

"I’ve danced in Anwen’s over 50s class in Penarth Pier Pavilion for about 2 years. The class is an absolute joy. Anwen is extremely professional and such fun!" - Pat, Dancer, Penarth Pier Pavillion 50+ Dance Group 

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